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Mistress Islya and mistress Arabella, Double Domme Spit Roast


Double Domme Spit Roast with mistress Islya  and Mistress Arabella

Good evening perverts

Mistress Islya here with another tale off debauchery. As you are probably aware me and Mistress Arabella are best friends and so quite often double together. So tonight I’m going to share with you  a recent session where we spit roasted a slave.

The slave in question had never seen Mistress Arabella or me, Mistress Islya before but was keen to have our cocks up his arse and in his mouth haha. Well he’s only human after all…. I mean who wouldn’t want 2 beautiful, powerful dommes pounding away at both ends…..

We often get a request for this kind of double session its not a difficult one to perform. I say perform because basically that’s what we do… The dungeon is our stage and its where we as dommes make fantasies come true. Its simply what we do! We delve into your mind and extract your deepest perverse desires and make them reality. I myself actually feel accomplished when I know that a slave comes to me with his darkest desires and I make them happen for him or her.


The performance

So this slave entered our lair, if he was nervous he didn’t show it…. at first. Once he had been strapped down to our spanking bench and restrained… well that was different story. He started sweating, trembling, muttering… Please mistress I may have made a mistake… “a mistake slave… I don’t think you have… You was very clear in your email about how you wanted this to go, In fact you actually stated that you may try and wiggle out of it but that we were to ignore your pleas” (laughter filled the dungeon and our slave knew at that moment that his fate was sealed) I whispered in his ear… “for the next 2 hours you are going to be our bitch! A dirty little anal whore who’s only purpose in life is to open all holes to us while we take full advantage of your vulnerability” (more laughter)  We took turns to pound his arse whole and his mouth using different sized cocks so he didn’t know what was coming next. We even put a cucumber up his arse and made him eat it…. All in good consensual fun.

If you would like to book a session like this You may respectfully contact me on the details below.

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Mistress Islya Forced Bi

Mistress Islya Forced Bi

Mistress Islya Forced BI

Good evening perverts

Mistress Islya here to share with you a recent experience I shared with a new sub.

The sub in question had never visited a mistress before but had spent years drueling over images and had developed a fantasy of sucking cock…. This sub is not gay by the way…. As i said this is purely a fantasy, being a hetrosexual woman who spent years fanatasizing about women I completely get this fantasy. It was my only regret when I got married that I had never indulged myself in this fantasy. Of course when my marriage ended I was keen to develop this side of my sexuality….. and I did and continue to enjoy in the remits of consesual sex. I dont think it means I am a lesbian as the idea of actually being in a relationship with a woman does not appeal to me one bit. I dont even consider myself as bisexual although arguably I may well be under some peoples definition of the word bisexual. You see I think that bisexual means that you would enter into a relationship with any sex…. I would not. Hence why I do not consider myself bisexual but rather I just help out when they are busy haha

Understanding Forced Bi

Where does it come from… Well I always like to delve into any BDSM fantasy to gain an understanding of why people develop certain kinks. Iv spoken to many subs who have this fantasy and who partake in this particular kink on a regular basis who are hetrosexual males. Alot of them have normal relationships with women but harbour this fantasy. However they dont want to suck a cock on a man…. Infact a sub told me that while sucking cock or rather being forced to suck cock he would prefer not to hear a mans voice as it instantly kills it for him. This explains why the slut box is so popular. You may, if your new to this be wondering what the slut box is…. It is a box in the chambers where a slave would be placed and other slaves would put their cocks through the hole and get a blow job. Its annonymous…. thats the beauty of it. The same sub told me that while sucking cock he likes to imagine in his head that he is sucking the cock of Naomi Campbell haha. So I concur that this is not the act of a gay man, simply just a fantasy of a hetrosexual male that harbours the fantasy of sucking the cock of a beautiful female…. Thats where i come in…. obviously.


The Session

My sub in question enetered my chamber and was rather nervous as it was his first time he had actually seen a mistress… As you know I do not show my face so this was the first time he had set eyes on me. Eyes that very nearly popped out of his head I may add. Its a reaction that im quite use to. I mean in real life a woman like me would never look twice at a man like him or you for that matter. I eased him in and told him to undress…. I left him alone to consider his fate. I left the strapon that I would use later hanging on the wall along with several other dildos of various different sizes for him to ponder over the reason they where there. When I returned he was naked and knealing by my throne. The session commenced. He was asked to confess his darkest desires and secrets which he did. I was only too willing to fulfill them. As for sucking a real cock this requires lots of training and hes not there yet but I will keep you posted.

If you would like to book a session like this or any session you may respectfully contact me on the details below.

For now its good bye perverts.

Ms I


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