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Good Evening Miscreants

I thought I would share with you perverts a session I recently held. I have to tell you it was my slutty maid that came to me and asked me if I could arrange this session… Which of course I was only to happy to oblige.

What I didn’t share with slut was that I had milked that cock before my slut came in….

My maid entered dressed up slutty as usual, she’s a slut after all in her little black and white maids dress with her suspenders, heels, blonde wig and red lipstick…. Such a whore this one, such an obliging filthy slut. She would suck cock all day long for me this one.

I covered my slaves cock and balls in Cadbury’s chocolate spread. My maid set to work simple instruction…. of “clean that cock with your mouth. I want it gleaming… there better not be any chocolate left on it when you have finished you slut”

She licked those balls with enthusiasm of SW who’s been promised a 10k tip for a decent blowjob…. Then she licked the shaft and the bell end… it was looking very clean and almost shiny! She was under strict instructions… “that cock must be thoroughly clean before it cums in your mouth you dirty little slut”

All the while I was reminding her that the purpose of a maids mouth is to polish cocks for her mistress… that is what she was born to do and she will do it to my standards! No Teeth… absolutely no teeth and she would not complain when I forced her head down over it making her gag….. It took her 20 minutes to extract the spunk from that cock…she wanted to swallow it all. But unfortunately all the chocolate was not removed… You see, she’s too eager, she wanted that cum in her mouth…. Just a slutty maid with a tiny clit… it was all to much for her…. sadly she had to be punished for failing at such a simple task.

She was flogged for her misgivings and made to say after each stroke… “I must learn to clean cocks better, Thank you Mistress.” Then sent away with 20 strokes of the cane…. obviously she would not sit down for a week… when she did she would be reminded of her time with me and endeavour to perform better next time.

Can you do better than my loyal slutty little maid?

I have the chocolate cock-eclaire waiting….

For the chance to session with me text or preferably whatsapp me on 07491558622 to arrange a call.


Mistress Islya