The Nailing of Noodles

Good evening miscreants!

As you can probably extract from the title this blog is about Nails!!! 15 to be precise all nailed by me into the scrotum.

This was a servitude type of session with an overnight stay at my slaves home. I arrived at 6pm and upon arrival was given a glass of champagne with hors-d’oeurve. This was my first visit to the home of Mr Noodles. We had become acquainted over a year ago when we were both in a law of attraction abundance group together. Clearly there were other sources at work conspiring our inevitable meeting. We spent months chatting via phone and text during the pandemic and got to know each other quite well.

The evening started off kind of casual as we ate together, laughing and chatting with an excellent bottle of my favourite red. Then I went upstairs to get changed into full mistress attire. When I reappeared Noodles commented that he knew I would choose the outfit I chose…. Great minds lol.

I sent Noodles to get into his outfit and he came back in a blonde wig, stockings, black all in one body suit. We started with some easy foot worship as I whispered softly what was going to happen to him…. He was hungry for my cock so I let him suck it… I do love a bit of forced bi… Not that this slut has to be forced LOL!!!!

Noodles is no amateur when it comes to BDSM or nailing for that matter…. I asked him what it was about nailing that does it for him as I was intrigued. His response was…. There is just something so sexy about watching a beautiful woman nail my balls whist sipping whisky!

This was my first time I had ever been asked for this and I was super excited to be finally fulfilling one of my own personal fantasy’s. There were fifteen nails and one screw already sterilised, ready for me to play with plus the hammer! I full on nailed it, got them all in one by one ignoring his yelps of pain and instructing him to drink his whiskey and be quiet while I laughed and just hammered another in. Finally we got to the screw…which I hand screwed in with a screwdriver…. still makes me laugh now thinking about it. I then decorated the bell end with needles creating a crown of thorns!

He sat there for about an hour while we chatted as if old friends just ignoring the balls nailed to the board and the crown of thorns…. Then it was time to remove them… as my glass needed refilling and he had rested long enough! I took the screw out first, painful that was but made me laugh so that’s all that really matters…. then got the claw hammer to pull the nails out…Ouch!!! still laughing though. There was a lot of blood! I asked him if that was normal which he replied I don’t normally have that many in…. Oh dear… well he you put them there… silly slave! (laughing loudly)

I was tired after that so retired for the evening! when I woke up Noodles had prepared breakfast. I then gave him a caning just before I left…. something to remember me by LOL

Very entertaining I have asked Noodles to construct me a board I can take with me!

I will be seeing Noodles again very soon… sounds next time!

Would you like to be nailed to a board by a beautiful, cruel, mistress for my entertainment! Of course you would or why else read this blog!

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Yours SINcerely

Mistress Islya X



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