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Mistress Islya and Mistress Roxy’s Deviant Adventures


Introducing Mistress Roxy

Mistress Roxy is a 5’1″ curvy sex bomb! with her long dark hair and her dark red lips she is a sexy seductress that will have you trembling on your  knees in her presence.

You will find yourself wanting to please her… whatever that takes… you will be putty in her hand. However Mistress Roxy is not easy to please…. but that wont stop you wanting to…. needing to…. make her happy! 

So slaves you need to up your game, if you want to receive even the tiniest piece of pleasure from this deviously devilish, cruel mistress.

The Session

The first of many sessions we have had since, went like this. It was forced bi session. My own filthy slut Tammy had requested to be fucked during an hour of pure debauchery!

Mistress Roxy was very obliging and brought her slave Alison to fulfil this fantasy. Alison is a sissy whore who just loves to suck cock after cock after cock…. This slut just cant get enough. Which of course makes her the perfect candidate for a forced bi session. Slave Alison very kindly brought Prosecco for me and Mistress Roxy to enjoy while we watched our subs suck each other off while we laughed… loudly and enjoyed the scene in front of us.

Once they were suitably hard Alison was put over the bench and her panties pulled down to reveal a perfectly peachy fuckable bottom. Of course we couldn’t have a mouth going empty… that would be a waste wouldn’t it… So we stuffed it with Tammy’s cock and made Alison keep it hard while Mistress Roxy banged the arsehole of Alison with the strapon. I Mistress Islya inspected the cock sucking and made sure that Tammy’s cock was sucked to mistress standards… balls deep! “Suck that cock you dirty, filthy whore…. make your mistress proud” I whispered into Tammy’s ear ever so softly but just enough encouragement to make her take that cock deeper into her mouth…. Being spit roasted by mistresses cock and a real one is a sissy’s dream come true. Not to mention highly entertaining for us…

“Take that you dirty cum bucket, slut whore… nice and deep! show me your sucking skills” “A good slut always deep throats… don’t they…. and they never spit! Spitting out cum is a waste… swallow it!!! ALL OF IT! Like the good obedient slut you are!! 

Pure humiliation just the way we like it….

To take part in one of our double domme pure humiliation sessions, you may respectfully contact me using the details below.


That’s all for now perverts! Make sure you look out for the next instalment of Mistress Islya’s and Mistress Roxy’s deviant adventures…..

Bye for now

Ms I 




or text to arrange a call and book a session 07491558622