Personal Slave required

Personal Slave Required

Looking for someone who puts my needs before their own!

I have decided to take on a personal slave. I will take applications via my website mistressislya.co.uk Apply via my application form and state your interest as personal slave.

My expectations are that you should ready to serve me whenever I call upon you. (within reason of course) Your duties will be house hold chores, gardening, taxi, cleaning up after sessions, pictures, some filming, promotional work and general dogs body. Ideally you will be good with your hands and hopefully skilled in many aspect’s.

The lucky candidate can expect a contract in return and quite a lot of my time. I am a prodomme and this does not come for free nor easily. You can expect to be on trial for 6 months and only will I let you come to my house when we know each other very well.

When we reach that point you will be expected to clean my house and wait on me while I put my time to other uses. You will of course be treated like the slave you are while your making my life more comfortable. If I don’t know you when you apply I expect you to impress me. You can do this by being extremely respectful, showering me with gifts, doing your research on me so you know a little about me. This can be done by reading my previous blogs if you haven’t already….. shame on you!

The ideal candidate will adore me and be willing to do anything and I mean anything to please me. You must not be needy or jealous as I have other slaves but know that if I choose you…. Then you must mean quite a lot to me.

During your trial you must session with me both in and out of the dungeon at least once a month. A session outside of the dungeon will involve you taking me out for dinner as I think this is an essential part of getting to know each other. If I am going to allow you into my home I have to be sure you are 100% trustworthy around my family and children.

The ideal candidate would be happy pleasing me whether its cleaning my arsehole with your tongue or sucking cock for me in my dungeon. Basically what ever makes me happy. This opportunity wont come along again as I only need one personal slave so if you think you can dedicate yourself to me, Get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely

Ms I



The Manchester Chambers Kinky Event

The Manchester Chambers Kinky Event

Good Evening my loyal followers

This Saturday The Manchester Chambers is holding an event not to be missed. This is a chance for any subs, sissies, slaves or just kinky people to come and spend the evening with me, Mistress Islya, Mistress Nadia and Mistress Arabella. A chance to get to see us in our dungeon as Mistress Nadia celebrates the re-launch and her new ownership of the Manchester Chambers. There will be a fully licenced bar. 4 stunning, fully equipped rooms to play in. Lots of kinky like minded people to mingle with and show off your outfits to. Punishments will be dished out accordingly as well as a hard core anal show by a mystery Mistress for a small fee. The Chambers operates a pay on the door policy which is £10 per person and £15 per couple. So why not join us this Saturday for an evening of kinky delights…. If you dare that is.



Text Domination

This is just a quick blog explaining my policies on Texting and Text Domination.

I’m becoming quite fond of this technique for recruiting slaves due to basically the success stories I have gained from opening up this method of contact. Most people who know me know that I have a family. A lot of the time it can be difficult to take a call as the type of convo we are likely to have is completely unsuitable to have in front of a seven year old with big ears.

I understand that most dommes prefer to speak and wont consider a slave that sends a text message. But for me it works… That’s why I decided to offer text domination.

I really like this contact before a session as it gives us a chance to get to know each other and massive insight into a slaves kinks before they actually enter my lair. By the time they come in I feel like I know them quite well and it adds to the experience…

As you know Dommes get a lot of time wasting idiots who want to talk but don’t want to tribute for it…Firstly by charging a small tribute for this method I feel like these time wasters are completely  eliminated…

Secondly if you book your session within the first 7 days of our texts starting and then turn up for our appointment, I will reduce the balance of that session by the text tribute amount. I think that this is more than fair. If you invest in me then I invest in you. I do not  want to waste my time talking to someone who cancels at the last minute or just doesn’t turn up… grrrrr!

This method is currently working really well… especially with new slaves who are nervous about finally accepting their calling…. Its the perfect way to get to know each other before hand. I also think this adds to the anticipation of the actual session… I m ay even send you a personal picture that you ca




Mistress Islya and Sissification

Good evening my loyal followers.

Today I’m going to share with you a recent experience with a slave who’s interest is sissification. I’m not going to go patronise you with explaining what it means as if your reading this then you are fully aware of what it entails. Instead I’m just going to tell you how the session went…

Slave entered my dungeon… He was left alone to undress and there was a frilly dress hanging off the side that I instructed he should be wearing when I returned… on her knees of course. As when I returned he would now be a she…

I came back in the room  I was dressed in thigh high boots leather pants and a latex bra… She was on her knees kneeling in front of my throne… I sat on the throne and asked her how she thinks a sissy bitch should greet her mistress… She immediately kissed my pvc boots.  Good girl I whispered to her…Now she was nervous, I could tell and who could blame her. Knelt mercilessly in front of a beautiful, powerful mistress knowing that that mistress knows her deepest darkest secrets….I whisper to her “you know that fate has brought you to me don’t you my little sissy slut” yes mistress she replies… “and you fully understand what being my sissy slut means don’t you” Yes mistress she replies.


I took her face in my hands and said “oh sissy where is your lipstick… a good slut always wears lipstick.. and what colour should a good slut wear sissy” I ask her…. Red she replies… that’s right I tell her and I put red lipstick on her trembling lips!

I instruct her to stand, I take her over to the mirror and make her look at herself. She’s happy with her transformation I can tell by her smile of adoration on her face. When she sees herself. I tell her that I’m happy with her… I whisper to her that I’m so happy with her that I’m going to turn her into a dirty slut for me to use and abuse…



…. I tell her that one of her duties will be sucking cock for mistress, sucking cock til she gags… sucking lots of cocks… I tell her that I’m going to put her in the slut box and make her suck the cocks of other slaves…Her little clitty stiffens… That pathetic little clitty is truly pathetic… “No wonder she wants to be a girl”… I say… I tell her that she could never satisfy a real woman with that clitty… I tell her that she is best forgetting all about ever satisfying a woman and its best that she accepts her fate… Her fate is being my slut and I’m going to treat her like one…

Iv seen her several times now and her progress is fantastic… When she comes into my dungeon she is now called Trixy… A thoroughly good name for a slut I think haha. Trixy is a regular and excels at sissification to the degree where she has now sucked a fair few real cocks for me her mistress…

If you have an interest in feminization and would like to feel  my cock in your mouth or up your arse… Get in touch!

You may respectfully contact me on the details below to book a session of this kind or any on the details below.

Ta Ta for now!

Ms I



mistressislya.co.uk     Mistressislya@outlook.com






Ownership…. Pros and Cons

IMG_0357Good evening my loyal followers

Mistress Islya here with a little insight into being an owned slave. Recently I took on a toilet slave as an owned slave…. Unfortunately it didn’t work out as then said slave couldn’t quite grasp what it meant to be owned so I had to cut him loose.

What it takes to be owned…..

If you contact me saying that you want to be owned you must be fully aware of what that means…. So I’m going to explain it so you fully understand what that entails.

Ownership is not to be entered into lightly…. I expect a lot of dedication and commitment from my owned slaves. Firstly the most important rule is that you worship me…regular…

Secondly I’m not unreasonable, I fully understand your needs and with me having children and a family life, I know that I’m not always available for your needs. This is why I allow my OWNED slaves to contact other mistresses…. with my consent… obviously! I do not want to be reading on twitter that a slave who wears  my collar and my name has disrespected me by doing this behind my back! I will cut you loose for such behaviour. Your punishment when you beg me to come back to me will be severe. As the slave I mentioned earlier found out…. That slave will not wear my collar anytime in the near future… He has repented for his sin but his punishment is far from over. More about that later. Thirdly being owned also means that I require you for other duties… cleaning… gardening… painting.. whatever I need you to do basically… taxi service for me and Mistress Arabella is a regular service I will call on you for.  So basically anything I need… In return you get to spend time with me for a generous reduced rate.




Punishment for disrespect…

The slave I’m talking about was very sorry for his behaviour… And if I’m honest I was very sorry to let him go but he has a lesson to learn… Do not pledge your self to me unless you are fully able to commit to MY needs. Disrespecting and embarrassing me will get you severely reprimanded… So the punishment I dealt to this particular slave was in my opinion called for. I told him that in order for me to even consider EVER seeing him again he would have to prove himself. I instructed him to show his girlfriend a video that we had made… It was his choice…. wasn’t it… He chose to show the video to his girlfriend who was naturally horrified that her boyfriend would eat another woman’s shit… She even told his parents what he had been up to… Not my problem! He had a choice… He chose me. Although the dynamics of our relationship have changed now… He will no longer wear my collar or my name…. Not till I’m 100% satisfied of his allegiance and dedication. Plus I haven’t finished with him yet…

So if you would like to be owned now you know what it takes…

To book a session with me you may respectfully contact me on the details below…

Yours Sinfully

Mistress I


TEL 07491558622

mistressilsya@outlook.com mistressislya.co.uk