A Night of Domestic Cuckhold

Good evening Subs/slaves/sissies and general loyal followers. Its been a while since my last blog – so much has happened that whilst I have my laptop out I’m going to write up as much as possible. Starting with the above title.

As the title suggests this one is a cuckhold tale. It started when I was contacted by a mistress Iv never met before. She approached me to do a double lesbian cuck session for one of her trusted subs. If you know me or have read my previous blogs – then you will know I appreciate the female form greatly. Anyway this mistress is a super sexy experienced dominatrix so I was quite excited to say the least. Im going to refer to her as MItress X or the sake of this blog.

We met in The Midland Hotel in Manchester in the bar on a moderately busy Thursday night in May. We both wore skin tight black dresses with the signature red sole stilettos as is customary on this kind of meeting with lace top stockings and suspenders. Mistress X ordered compulsory champagne using her subs credit card taken from him earlier in the week.

I spotted our target as he came through the door as he was wearing a black studded leather collar. Mistress X later told me that he had one silver stud for each cock he had successfully brought to orgasm  but tonight he was going for gold. I pondered that but let it go as an off the cuff comment… There were quite a few silver studs.

The loyal sub fell to his knees and as is custom greeted us both by smothering our feet with kisses. While he was on his knees mistress X told me that this one is  a long serving faithful loyal extremely submissive man who she likes very much in a tone so he could . hear. She said that he doesn’t session with anyone but her without permission….

Then she told him to stand and that’s when I looked him straight in the eyes and instantly recognised him…. I have seen him before on more than one occasion and he hadn’t mentioned being collared before… Oh dear dear dear….Loyal, faithful not words I would  choose to describe this pathetic creature now standing in front of us both… More like a cheating disrespectful low life… I could smell the fear radiating off him and see  perspiration on his forehead. I was getting excited…. there is something very arousing  about the smell of fear…. Fear to me is like blood to a shark… and now he was a little fish swimming in really deep water with 2 really big sharks. Panic was over taking him…would I tell her that I have met him before… His eyes darted round the bar and I knew he was looking for an escape… mistress X leaned into his ear “don’t even think about it my little bitch” she had hold of his lead and pulled it tight yanking  his neck.

Walk she commanded… we walked him to the room that mistress x had already prepared… inside was a chair with hand cuffs and leather straps.  she ordered him to strip to his underwear… which was black silk panties matching bra and holdups much like the ones we were wearing. Then we bound him to the chair leather straps  around his ankles and hand cuffs on his wrists. She took out a blonde wig and placed it on his sweaty head. Then she took out makeup and proceeded with his transformation. Quite a slut he was turning out to be… but where was this going….?

I was intrigued Mistress X was no fool, she clearly had uncovered his disloyal behaviour and now he was going to pay for it in front of the very mistress he had sneaked off to visit…. me! How ingenious… She whispered to him gently…. “So slave its your birthday isn’t it”? “Yes mistress he said quietly”… “and what did mistress promise you for your birthday for being such a loyal faithful slave for over 10 years”…. “a special birthday treat mistress”… “yes I did didn’t I….” “What was that treat going to be huh” huh”? “a cuckhold session with you and another mistress – mistress!” Was it…. hmmmm I don’t recall that at all… You see watching your mistress get pleasured is reserved for my MOST LOYAL RESPECTFUL SLAVES!!! Do you think you come into that category? do you slut?… (she slapped  him hard across his face) This was getting good! I was excited to see how this was going to pan out… she was angry with him…. really angry then she started to laugh… she laughed so hard she had tears rolling down her face… Then she gave him a swift  kick in his balls… ” you wont be needing that tonight” then she placed the blindfold over his eyes…

“Me YOUR Mistress… and I use the term very LOOSLEY… and my new friend- Mistress Islya are heading off to the bar for more champagne on you…. of course”. While you contemplate… your fate… But I tell you now little slut it wont be you enjoying the position of cuckhold tonight… oh no tonight your going to earn your gold stud!”hahaha she laughed…

We headed off to the bar drank copious amounts of champagne and waited for our guests… Bruno and Jarvis to arrive. we went back to the room where our little slut was still bound  to the chair. and  got our popcorn out while he earned his gold stud.

I do love a good spit roast! highly entertaining!

If you would like to book a session with me then you may respectfully contact me on the details below.

Yours Spankfully

Mistress Islya


Mistressislya.co.uk     mistressislya@outlook.com    call or text 07491558622







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