Feminization, Public Humiliation and Sploshing.

The Beginning

Well where to begin with this one… This was so much fun I could hardly contain myself made better by the fact that the sub in question… in real life is a real alpha male. But not in this fantasy he would be stripped of that from the onset. He was going to get fucked up as requested!

The contact

My sub contacted me regarding a forced feminisation session where he would become she and would be made to do unspeakable things. Over the course of the next few days and the contact we were having in regards to the session it was clear that this was quickly escalating into something bigger and far more public. We did the session the following Monday at the Manchester Chambers and all went well. Lots of cock sucking and fucking.

Mistress sub/Bond

More importantly we had developed a bond…. A level of trust that is unbreakable now. Now I know his darkest secrets and deepest desires… And as his Mistress I will make all his fantasies come true. I feel it is my duty to him. My sub carries a huge work burden and needs a way to truly escape the pressures of his job. Which is where I come in….  Besides I like this sub I genuinely enjoy my contact and time with him. To me he isn’t a burden… He is a like a child lost in the dark and I will guide him to the light.

The in between session contact

Over the course of our extensive contact I had left him voicemails of the plans I had for him. I described in great detail what I was going to do to him… It wasn’t like he didn’t know what was coming… Was he prepared for it…? Probably not… haha. His cock and balls were though… they were bursting with excitement. I rang him from a live session so he could hear me torturing another slave. Its a shame his PA picked up instead of him… How embarrassing haha. Whilst he was sat in meetings I would send him pics from our session of him as a she in sexy ladies underwear and a cock in his mouth. I imagine him sat there slightly reddening with a big hardon unable to stand up.

The Public part

On our next meeting we had decided to do an overnight in a hotel. The restaurant was booked my favourite obviously…. Australasia in Manchester. He was instructed to wear his bra and panties under his shirt and trousers. We met in the hotel and checked ourselves in. I was super excited and had a case of goodies with me for using later. I dressed him in a red bra and panties then tied a shoe lace round his cock.  He then put on his shirt and trousers over the top. We were ready to venture down into the bar. He had stated previously that he wanted to be FUCKED UP. I was going to fuck him up, I had plans for him that were not for the faint hearted.

The Restaurant

We had a drink in the bar at the restaurant then took our table. Once we were seated I took hold of the shoe lace under the table. I ordered Champagne as is only right when  taking a goddess out to dinner. I opened my phone with a pic of my boy from his session and left it open on the table for the waitress to view. She didn’t look so as we were ordering I showed her the pic and asked her if she recognised the girl in the pic with a cock in her mouth… I lied and said some pervert had sent it to me as a joke claiming that its a celebrity caught in a compromising position… I said he’s off the TV and laughed  while my boy went bright crimson and his mouth hung open. She went off to place our order. I couldn’t stop laughing it was just hilarious watching his face… That kind of set the tone for the whole evening, pleasantly tipsy from the champagne we left the restaurant and went to a bar… I needed a bar that wasn’t to loud.. I wanted to be able to chat but be overheard. we went into the moon under the water on Deansgate. He went to get drinks and I stood outside where the doormen were. I got my phone out and approached a group of ladies. I asked them if they recognised the man in the pic… They didn’t so I pointed him out. When he came back I introduced him to them as my cock sucking friend. They all laughed and I made him buy them all a drink for sub jecting them to such a disturbing picture haha.

The Hotel

We left the bar and went back to our hotel, I was in hysterics while he was a trembling wreck. If you ask me to fuck you up…. Your going to get fucked up aren’t you. When we got in the room I got my bag of toys out. I put makeup on his eyes and red lipstick on his lips. finished the look with a pigtail blonde wig. Now My transformation was complete. Time for room service… He would obviously open the door… The waiters eyes nearly popped out of his head haha… I called to him… hurry up slut I shouted! The waiter scurried off fast.

I tied him to the four poster bed with his face down and told him that if he dresses like a slut he’s going to get treated like a slut. I got my strapon out and made him kiss the bell end then made him suck it. This slut is crap at giving head he clearly needs more training… but before that he needed a good spanking so I spanked his naughty bottom with my hand. Lets see if his arse can do better. I squirted lube on his bottom and fucked him like the slut he is in his bra, panties to the side. over the course of the next few hours I made him wank into 5 condoms.

When I had finished with him I had a glass of wine and left him tied up. I went into the bathroom, showered and got changed into my jeans. I released my slut and ordered him to the bathroom. In to the bath on his knees, then tied his hands behind his back. I gagged his mouth with my worn panties. I got the baked beans, ketchup salad cream and eggs from my bag and emptied them all over him… He looked a sight and I couldn’t stop laughing.

I told him I’m  leaving now. I took the condom from the strapon and stuck it in his arsehole. I took the 5 used condoms and emptied them over him and threw them at him. I got my red lipstick from my bag and wrote slut on his back and on the tiles too. I told him that this is what being fucked up looks like. I’m taking your clothes good luck getting home Your FUCKED!

I Grabbed my things and left him there for the maid to find him in the morning it was now 4 am … God help her! I did leave her a note with £100 saying sorry he’s a cheating bastard and deserves this![ haha] his clothes are in the cupboard. Not that he knew about this part… He just thought I had fucked off with his clothes hilarious… Kept me laughing for days…

Moral of the story

Don’t ask to be FUCKED UP  if you don’t really mean it because Fucking sluts up is what I do.

Bye for now Sluts

Ms I



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