Mistress Islya Tie and Tease

Mistress Islya Tie and Tease

Good evening fellow perverts

Just thought I would write a blog to wet your filthy appetites about a more sensual kind of session that I had last week. In this session my client had asked that he be aloud to cum twice…. This did worry me being only an hour long session. I asked him if he had done this before which he reassured me he had. The reason I was concerned was I kind of think that when the session ends and if the sub/slave/sissy has been allowed to cum its a bit like watching porn…. you want to turn it off!

Anyway this wasn’t a pain kind of session it was a more sensual tie and tease session. I began the session with my sub who was waiting in side the chamber kneeling in front of my throne and I took my seat. I permitted him to worship my boots and allowed him his first release then made him clean it…obviously.

This was the first time this particular sub had visited me. he had said that he would like to try strapon… Music to my ears as everyone knows this is one of my favourite things to do in session. Especially as he hadn’t done it before which meant I would be popping his cherry. For me taking the strapon for me is the ultimate form of submission.

I eased him in gently as like I said this was not a high pain torture session and I didn’t want him hitting the ceiling. I started with my finger to test how tight he was, turned out not that tight so before long I was riding him with my normal strapon. He took it well and enjoyed it thus earning him his next part of the session.

After I had taken his anal virginity I unshackled him from the spanking bench and ordered him onto the bondage bed. He was then tied and teased for the rest of the session and not surprisingly his hardon sprang back up without me even hardly trying.

There was no need for my initial concern as he was only a young sub so getting hard twice within an hour was not a problem at all. So it appears that not everyone shuts the porn off straight after they have cum haha.

My initial concern about the session was washed away and in future I will offer this kind of session as I now think its quite a challenging yet rewarding route to take.

If you think you would like to try this approach or any kind of session with me, you may respectfully contact me on my details below.

Ms I


mistressislya@outlook.com       mistressislya.co.uk


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