Mistress Islya Shopping Trip with Mistress Arabella

Mistress Islya shopping trip with Mistress Arabella

Good Evening Perverts

This is a blog about a session me, Mistress Islya and Mistress Arabella want to happen. ITs definitely not for the faint hearted either kink wise or wallet wise.

Last year we took a slave into Chester and paraded him around on a leash whilst rinsing his wallet. He was ordered to book us in a restaurant where we would drink a champagne lunch whilst he was only permitted bread and water. He was not allowed to speak unless spoken to first.  He picked us up from the dungeon where he received 100 strokes of the cane before he had his cock tied to a shoe lace to be dragged around with he then escorted us to Chester city centre.

This was a day of public humiliation and we all enjoyed it immensely, so much so that we are doing it again with the same slave only in Stoke this time.

However this day was so much fun to us that we want to do it more often. I mean why not share the experience with as many slaves as possible. This cant be any slave, this kind of experience is expensive so therefore only for the solvent slave.

Can you imagine a day spent with 2 sexy mistresses who intend to rinse your wallet and publicly humiliate you…. If this is your type fantasy and you have the means to accommodate us both…. then get in touch straight away.

Coming soon to a city near you…perhaps

You may respectfully contact me in regards to this request on my details below. But remember only solvent slaves need apply.

Yours Pervertedly

Ms I



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