Personal Slave required

Personal Slave Required

Looking for someone who puts my needs before their own!

I have decided to take on a personal slave. I will take applications via my website mistressislya.co.uk Apply via my application form and state your interest as personal slave.

My expectations are that you should ready to serve me whenever I call upon you. (within reason of course) Your duties will be house hold chores, gardening, taxi, cleaning up after sessions, pictures, some filming, promotional work and general dogs body. Ideally you will be good with your hands and hopefully skilled in many aspect’s.

The lucky candidate can expect a contract in return and quite a lot of my time. I am a prodomme and this does not come for free nor easily. You can expect to be on trial for 6 months and only will I let you come to my house when we know each other very well.

When we reach that point you will be expected to clean my house and wait on me while I put my time to other uses. You will of course be treated like the slave you are while your making my life more comfortable. If I don’t know you when you apply I expect you to impress me. You can do this by being extremely respectful, showering me with gifts, doing your research on me so you know a little about me. This can be done by reading my previous blogs if you haven’t already….. shame on you!

The ideal candidate will adore me and be willing to do anything and I mean anything to please me. You must not be needy or jealous as I have other slaves but know that if I choose you…. Then you must mean quite a lot to me.

During your trial you must session with me both in and out of the dungeon at least once a month. A session outside of the dungeon will involve you taking me out for dinner as I think this is an essential part of getting to know each other.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely

Ms I


3 thoughts on “Personal Slave required”

  1. Hola mi señora, yo estoy dispuesto a servirle a todas horas como su sumiso y esclavo sexual, y estaré dispuesto y feliz si usted decidiera follarme y quitarme mi virginidad anal


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