Ownership…. Pros and Cons

IMG_0357Good evening my loyal followers

Mistress Islya here with a little insight into being an owned slave. Recently I took on a toilet slave as an owned slave…. Unfortunately it didn’t work out as then said slave couldn’t quite grasp what it meant to be owned so I had to cut him loose.

What it takes to be owned…..

If you contact me saying that you want to be owned you must be fully aware of what that means…. So I’m going to explain it so you fully understand what that entails.

Ownership is not to be entered into lightly…. I expect a lot of dedication and commitment from my owned slaves. Firstly the most important rule is that you worship me…regular…

Secondly I’m not unreasonable, I fully understand your needs and with me having children and a family life, I know that I’m not always available for your needs. This is why I allow my OWNED slaves to contact other mistresses…. with my consent… obviously! I do not want to be reading on twitter that a slave who wears  my collar and my name has disrespected me by doing this behind my back! I will cut you loose for such behaviour. Your punishment when you beg me to come back to me will be severe. As the slave I mentioned earlier found out…. That slave will not wear my collar anytime in the near future… He has repented for his sin but his punishment is far from over. More about that later. Thirdly being owned also means that I require you for other duties… cleaning… gardening… painting.. whatever I need you to do basically… taxi service for me and Mistress Arabella is a regular service I will call on you for.  So basically anything I need… In return you get to spend time with me for a generous reduced rate.




Punishment for disrespect…

The slave I’m talking about was very sorry for his behaviour… And if I’m honest I was very sorry to let him go but he has a lesson to learn… Do not pledge your self to me unless you are fully able to commit to MY needs. Disrespecting and embarrassing me will get you severely reprimanded… So the punishment I dealt to this particular slave was in my opinion called for. I told him that in order for me to even consider EVER seeing him again he would have to prove himself. I instructed him to show his girlfriend a video that we had made… It was his choice…. wasn’t it… He chose to show the video to his girlfriend who was naturally horrified that her boyfriend would eat another woman’s shit… She even told his parents what he had been up to… Not my problem! He had a choice… He chose me. Although the dynamics of our relationship have changed now… He will no longer wear my collar or my name…. Not till I’m 100% satisfied of his allegiance and dedication. Plus I haven’t finished with him yet…

So if you would like to be owned now you know what it takes…

To book a session with me you may respectfully contact me on the details below…

Yours Sinfully

Mistress I


TEL 07491558622

mistressilsya@outlook.com mistressislya.co.uk



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