Getting to know Mistress Islya

My journey into BDSM

Good Evening Perverts

I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself and how I became a mistress.

I was 36 years old when I first discovered BDSM, Kind of late in this industry but I had been married with kids and happily plodding along in a bubble… Although I was happy I always had a feeling that something was missing… Somewhere in my mind their was always an ultra ego inside me waiting to get out. Lurking in the back ground and I knew one day she would surface…

Bringing Islya to the surface

After my marriage broke down and my bubble was abruptly burst.. I decided to find myself by entering in to a voyage of discovery… Starting with my sexuality…. There where many aspects in my vanilla sex life that I had not been happy with but had in affect put in a box and ignored. Ignored the nagging sensation that something was missing…. Then I discovered google…. I discovered that I was not alone in my desires, that there were other people out there that shared the same perverse fantasies… That’s when I realised that I was plain and simple…just kinky! Enter Islya!

Bringing Mistress Islya to the surface

That’s when I discovered Fetlife. I met someone on there who was very submissive and so Mistress Islya was born… Although she was a secret between me and my partner. This relationship enabled me to develop her but it would be some time before Mistress Islya would venture into prodomming. In fact it was  a full 2 years later that I would meet Mistress Arabella purely by chance. We met under vanilla circumstances but gelled as firm friends very quickly. Mistress Arabella (I’m sure you’ve heard of her) but in case you haven’t  is quite a famous dominatrix in this field. She was and still is a great mentor and someone who I would always go to for advice if needed. We have done many doubles together (we still do) and it is to her I owe my gratitude to for introducing me the world of femdomme. I have now been a prodomme for over 2 years and enjoyed every single minute… From my first solo session where I was a nervous wreck (not that I showed it btw) to now where I enter the dungeon with excitement in my belly and perverted plans in my head.

Inside my Dungeon

I love pegging in particular as well as tie and tease although its difficult to find a slave that can actually make it to the end of a full hour in that session…. I cant help being desirable… I was born this way… Iv always had the power to wrap a man right round my finger it comes naturally to me. Its just as easy in vanilla world. I worked in a male dominated industry for years and never had to work very hard to climb the ladder… Its always just been offered to me on a plate. There is something about looking right into the eyes of a man that’s makes them weak…. They always look away first…. I win, I always say to myself in my head. I would sit at my desk and fantasize about bending one of my colleague’s over his desk, pulling his trousers down and riding him like a pony… He asked me once what I was thinking about as I had a glint in my eye and a smile on my face… So I told him! Well he did ask haha…. He looked horrified… didn’t stop him coming on to me at the staff xmas party though did it….  although it wasn’t me that got fucked that night haha…. He had it coming…. flashing his firm but at me every day… Im sure his trousers got tighter after I shared my thoughts with him haha.

Accepting ones self

I accept who I am now… I am a 100% pervert. nothing shocks me anymore. If I haven’t done before what your asking…. I will try anything once or even twice just to be safe and sure. If I like it I will do it again if not I wont… Its that simple. I enjoy what I do and want my slaves subs and sissies to enjoy it too. I invest a lot of time into my faithful followers and look out for them in between sessions. They pay me good money for the service I provide them with so I feel I have a duty to them also. Its not all about the money for me although it is a rather nice side affect… Most of the cash I make goes straight back in, In the form of outfits… Latex is very expensive… Its also my favourite thing to wear. I love getting shined by a slave…. An easy way to get your hands all over your mistress that always gets an instant rise haha.

Could you serve me

I’m very particular about the calibre of people who serve me… When I speak to you on the phone, text or email I am looking for certain traits… If you don’t hear back from me… well you didn’t have them and I have declined you as I haven’t deemed us not a good match…. so here’s a few pointers to put you on the right track… I expect to be addressed as mistress… that’s no 1…. I expect to be approached respectfully… that’s 2…. I am not your babe and never will be… That kind of approach will get you an instant block!!!

So now you know a bit more about me…. If you think you could make it into my little army of faithful followers… Get in touch using the above approach and lets see if we can start a journey together….

Bye for now perverts

Mistress Islya




Tel 07491558622



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