Mistress Islya Forced Bi

Mistress Islya Forced Bi

Mistress Islya Forced BI

Good evening perverts

Mistress Islya here to share with you a recent experience I shared with a new sub.

The sub in question had never visited a mistress before but had spent years drueling over images and had developed a fantasy of sucking cock…. This sub is not gay by the way…. As i said this is purely a fantasy, being a hetrosexual woman who spent years fanatasizing about women I completely get this fantasy. It was my only regret when I got married that I had never indulged myself in this fantasy. Of course when my marriage ended I was keen to develop this side of my sexuality….. and I did and continue to enjoy in the remits of consesual sex. I dont think it means I am a lesbian as the idea of actually being in a relationship with a woman does not appeal to me one bit. I dont even consider myself as bisexual although arguably I may well be under some peoples definition of the word bisexual. You see I think that bisexual means that you would enter into a relationship with any sex…. I would not. Hence why I do not consider myself bisexual but rather I just help out when they are busy haha

Understanding Forced Bi

Where does it come from… Well I always like to delve into any BDSM fantasy to gain an understanding of why people develop certain kinks. Iv spoken to many subs who have this fantasy and who partake in this particular kink on a regular basis who are hetrosexual males. Alot of them have normal relationships with women but harbour this fantasy. However they dont want to suck a cock on a man…. Infact a sub told me that while sucking cock or rather being forced to suck cock he would prefer not to hear a mans voice as it instantly kills it for him. This explains why the slut box is so popular. You may, if your new to this be wondering what the slut box is…. It is a box in the chambers where a slave would be placed and other slaves would put their cocks through the hole and get a blow job. Its annonymous…. thats the beauty of it. The same sub told me that while sucking cock he likes to imagine in his head that he is sucking the cock of Naomi Campbell haha. So I concur that this is not the act of a gay man, simply just a fantasy of a hetrosexual male that harbours the fantasy of sucking the cock of a beautiful female…. Thats where i come in…. obviously.


The Session

My sub in question enetered my chamber and was rather nervous as it was his first time he had actually seen a mistress… As you know I do not show my face so this was the first time he had set eyes on me. Eyes that very nearly popped out of his head I may add. Its a reaction that im quite use to. I mean in real life a woman like me would never look twice at a man like him or you for that matter. I eased him in and told him to undress…. I left him alone to consider his fate. I left the strapon that I would use later hanging on the wall along with several other dildos of various different sizes for him to ponder over the reason they where there. When I returned he was naked and knealing by my throne. The session commenced. He was asked to confess his darkest desires and secrets which he did. I was only too willing to fulfill them. As for sucking a real cock this requires lots of training and hes not there yet but I will keep you posted.

If you would like to book a session like this or any session you may respectfully contact me on the details below.

For now its good bye perverts.

Ms I


email mistressislya@outlook.com

website mistressislya.co.uk

Twitter @mistressislya

tel 07941558622




Feminization, Public Humiliation and Sploshing.

The Beginning

Well where to begin with this one… This was so much fun I could hardly contain myself made better by the fact that the sub in question… in real life is a real alpha male. But not in this fantasy he would be stripped of that from the onset. He was going to get fucked up as requested!

The contact

My sub contacted me regarding a forced feminisation session where he would become she and would be made to do unspeakable things. Over the course of the next few days and the contact we were having in regards to the session it was clear that this was quickly escalating into something bigger and far more public. We did the session the following Monday at the Manchester Chambers and all went well. Lots of cock sucking and fucking.

Mistress sub/Bond

More importantly we had developed a bond…. A level of trust that is unbreakable now. Now I know his darkest secrets and deepest desires… And as his Mistress I will make all his fantasies come true. I feel it is my duty to him. My sub carries a huge work burden and needs a way to truly escape the pressures of his job. Which is where I come in….  Besides I like this sub I genuinely enjoy my contact and time with him. To me he isn’t a burden… He is a like a child lost in the dark and I will guide him to the light.

The in between session contact

Over the course of our extensive contact I had left him voicemails of the plans I had for him. I described in great detail what I was going to do to him… It wasn’t like he didn’t know what was coming… Was he prepared for it…? Probably not… haha. His cock and balls were though… they were bursting with excitement. I rang him from a live session so he could hear me torturing another slave. Its a shame his PA picked up instead of him… How embarrassing haha. Whilst he was sat in meetings I would send him pics from our session of him as a she in sexy ladies underwear and a cock in his mouth. I imagine him sat there slightly reddening with a big hardon unable to stand up.

The Public part

On our next meeting we had decided to do an overnight in a hotel. The restaurant was booked my favourite obviously…. Australasia in Manchester. He was instructed to wear his bra and panties under his shirt and trousers. We met in the hotel and checked ourselves in. I was super excited and had a case of goodies with me for using later. I dressed him in a red bra and panties then tied a shoe lace round his cock.  He then put on his shirt and trousers over the top. We were ready to venture down into the bar. He had stated previously that he wanted to be FUCKED UP. I was going to fuck him up, I had plans for him that were not for the faint hearted.

The Restaurant

We had a drink in the bar at the restaurant then took our table. Once we were seated I took hold of the shoe lace under the table. I ordered Champagne as is only right when  taking a goddess out to dinner. I opened my phone with a pic of my boy from his session and left it open on the table for the waitress to view. She didn’t look so as we were ordering I showed her the pic and asked her if she recognised the girl in the pic with a cock in her mouth… I lied and said some pervert had sent it to me as a joke claiming that its a celebrity caught in a compromising position… I said he’s off the TV and laughed  while my boy went bright crimson and his mouth hung open. She went off to place our order. I couldn’t stop laughing it was just hilarious watching his face… That kind of set the tone for the whole evening, pleasantly tipsy from the champagne we left the restaurant and went to a bar… I needed a bar that wasn’t to loud.. I wanted to be able to chat but be overheard. we went into the moon under the water on Deansgate. He went to get drinks and I stood outside where the doormen were. I got my phone out and approached a group of ladies. I asked them if they recognised the man in the pic… They didn’t so I pointed him out. When he came back I introduced him to them as my cock sucking friend. They all laughed and I made him buy them all a drink for sub jecting them to such a disturbing picture haha.

The Hotel

We left the bar and went back to our hotel, I was in hysterics while he was a trembling wreck. If you ask me to fuck you up…. Your going to get fucked up aren’t you. When we got in the room I got my bag of toys out. I put makeup on his eyes and red lipstick on his lips. finished the look with a pigtail blonde wig. Now My transformation was complete. Time for room service… He would obviously open the door… The waiters eyes nearly popped out of his head haha… I called to him… hurry up slut I shouted! The waiter scurried off fast.

I tied him to the four poster bed with his face down and told him that if he dresses like a slut he’s going to get treated like a slut. I got my strapon out and made him kiss the bell end then made him suck it. This slut is crap at giving head he clearly needs more training… but before that he needed a good spanking so I spanked his naughty bottom with my hand. Lets see if his arse can do better. I squirted lube on his bottom and fucked him like the slut he is in his bra, panties to the side. over the course of the next few hours I made him wank into 5 condoms.

When I had finished with him I had a glass of wine and left him tied up. I went into the bathroom, showered and got changed into my jeans. I released my slut and ordered him to the bathroom. In to the bath on his knees, then tied his hands behind his back. I gagged his mouth with my worn panties. I got the baked beans, ketchup salad cream and eggs from my bag and emptied them all over him… He looked a sight and I couldn’t stop laughing.

I told him I’m  leaving now. I took the condom from the strapon and stuck it in his arsehole. I took the 5 used condoms and emptied them over him and threw them at him. I got my red lipstick from my bag and wrote slut on his back and on the tiles too. I told him that this is what being fucked up looks like. I’m taking your clothes good luck getting home Your FUCKED!

I Grabbed my things and left him there for the maid to find him in the morning it was now 4 am … God help her! I did leave her a note with £100 saying sorry he’s a cheating bastard and deserves this![ haha] his clothes are in the cupboard. Not that he knew about this part… He just thought I had fucked off with his clothes hilarious… Kept me laughing for days…

Moral of the story

Don’t ask to be FUCKED UP  if you don’t really mean it because Fucking sluts up is what I do.

Bye for now Sluts

Ms I




Mistress Islya Shopping Trip with Mistress Arabella

Mistress Islya shopping trip with Mistress Arabella

Good Evening Perverts

This is a blog about a session me, Mistress Islya and Mistress Arabella want to happen. ITs definitely not for the faint hearted either kink wise or wallet wise.

Last year we took a slave into Chester and paraded him around on a leash whilst rinsing his wallet. He was ordered to book us in a restaurant where we would drink a champagne lunch whilst he was only permitted bread and water. He was not allowed to speak unless spoken to first.  He picked us up from the dungeon where he received 100 strokes of the cane before he had his cock tied to a shoe lace to be dragged around with he then escorted us to Chester city centre.

This was a day of public humiliation and we all enjoyed it immensely, so much so that we are doing it again with the same slave only in Stoke this time.

However this day was so much fun to us that we want to do it more often. I mean why not share the experience with as many slaves as possible. This cant be any slave, this kind of experience is expensive so therefore only for the solvent slave.

Can you imagine a day spent with 2 sexy mistresses who intend to rinse your wallet and publicly humiliate you…. If this is your type fantasy and you have the means to accommodate us both…. then get in touch straight away.

Coming soon to a city near you…perhaps

You may respectfully contact me in regards to this request on my details below. But remember only solvent slaves need apply.

Yours Pervertedly

Ms I




Mistress Islya Tie and Tease

Mistress Islya Tie and Tease

Good evening fellow perverts

Just thought I would write a blog to wet your filthy appetites about a more sensual kind of session that I had last week. In this session my client had asked that he be aloud to cum twice…. This did worry me being only an hour long session. I asked him if he had done this before which he reassured me he had. The reason I was concerned was I kind of think that when the session ends and if the sub/slave/sissy has been allowed to cum its a bit like watching porn…. you want to turn it off!

Anyway this wasn’t a pain kind of session it was a more sensual tie and tease session. I began the session with my sub who was waiting in side the chamber kneeling in front of my throne and I took my seat. I permitted him to worship my boots and allowed him his first release then made him clean it…obviously.

This was the first time this particular sub had visited me. he had said that he would like to try strapon… Music to my ears as everyone knows this is one of my favourite things to do in session. Especially as he hadn’t done it before which meant I would be popping his cherry. For me taking the strapon for me is the ultimate form of submission.

I eased him in gently as like I said this was not a high pain torture session and I didn’t want him hitting the ceiling. I started with my finger to test how tight he was, turned out not that tight so before long I was riding him with my normal strapon. He took it well and enjoyed it thus earning him his next part of the session.

After I had taken his anal virginity I unshackled him from the spanking bench and ordered him onto the bondage bed. He was then tied and teased for the rest of the session and not surprisingly his hardon sprang back up without me even hardly trying.

There was no need for my initial concern as he was only a young sub so getting hard twice within an hour was not a problem at all. So it appears that not everyone shuts the porn off straight after they have cum haha.

My initial concern about the session was washed away and in future I will offer this kind of session as I now think its quite a challenging yet rewarding route to take.

If you think you would like to try this approach or any kind of session with me, you may respectfully contact me on my details below.

Ms I


mistressislya@outlook.com       mistressislya.co.uk



Personal Slave required

Personal Slave Required

I have decided to take on a personal slave. I will take applications via my website mistressislya.co.uk Apply via my application form and state your interest as personal slave.

My expectations are that you should ready to serve me whenever I call upon you. (within reason of course) Your duties will be house hold chores, gardening, taxi, cleaning up after sessions, pictures, some filming, promotional work and general dogs body. Ideally you will be good with your hands and hopefully skilled in many aspect’s.

The lucky candidate can expect a contract in return and quite a lot of my time. I am a prodomme and this does not come for free nor easily. You can expect to be on trial for 6 months and only will I let you come to my house when we know each other very well.

When we reach that point you will be expected to clean my house and wait on me while I put my time to other uses. You will of course be treated like the slave you are while your making my life more comfortable. If I don’t know you when you apply I expect you to impress me. You can do this by being extremely respectful, showering me with gifts, doing your research on me so you know a little about me. This can be done by reading my previous blogs if you haven’t already….. shame on you!

The ideal candidate will adore me and be willing to do anything and I mean anything to please me. You must not be needy or jealous as I have other slaves but know that if I choose you…. Then you must mean quite a lot to me.

During your trial you must session with me both in and out of the dungeon at least once a month. A session outside of the dungeon will involve you taking me out for dinner as I think this is an essential part of getting to know each other. If I am going to allow you into my home I have to be sure you are 100% trustworthy around my family and children.

The ideal candidate would be happy pleasing me whether its cleaning my arsehole with your tongue or sucking cock for me in my dungeon. Basically what ever makes me happy. This opportunity wont come along again as I only need one personal slave so if you think you can dedicate yourself to me, Get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely

Ms I



The Manchester Chambers Kinky Event

The Manchester Chambers Kinky Event

Good Evening my loyal followers

This Saturday The Manchester Chambers is holding an event not to be missed. This is a chance for any subs, sissies, slaves or just kinky people to come and spend the evening with me, Mistress Islya, Mistress Nadia and Mistress Arabella. A chance to get to see us in our dungeon as Mistress Nadia celebrates the re-launch and her new ownership of the Manchester Chambers. There will be a fully licenced bar. 4 stunning, fully equipped rooms to play in. Lots of kinky like minded people to mingle with and show off your outfits to. Punishments will be dished out accordingly as well as a hard core anal show by a mystery Mistress for a small fee. The Chambers operates a pay on the door policy which is £10 per person and £15 per couple. So why not join us this Saturday for an evening of kinky delights…. If you dare that is.



Text Domination

This is just a quick blog explaining my policies on Texting and Text Domination.

I’m becoming quite fond of this technique for recruiting slaves due to basically the success stories I have gained from opening up this method of contact. Most people who know me know that I have a family. A lot of the time it can be difficult to take a call as the type of convo we are likely to have is completely unsuitable to have in front of a seven year old with big ears.

I understand that most dommes prefer to speak and wont consider a slave that sends a text message. But for me it works… That’s why I decided to offer text domination.

I really like this contact before a session as it gives us a chance to get to know each other and massive insight into a slaves kinks before they actually enter my lair. By the time they come in I feel like I know them quite well and it adds to the experience…

As you know Dommes get a lot of time wasting idiots who want to talk but don’t want to tribute for it…Firstly by charging a small tribute for this method I feel like these time wasters are completely  eliminated…

Secondly if you book your session within the first 7 days of our texts starting and then turn up for our appointment, I will reduce the balance of that session by the text tribute amount. I think that this is more than fair. If you invest in me then I invest in you. I do not  want to waste my time talking to someone who cancels at the last minute or just doesn’t turn up… grrrrr!

This method is currently working really well… especially with new slaves who are nervous about finally accepting their calling…. Its the perfect way to get to know each other before hand. I also think this adds to the anticipation of the actual session… I m ay even send you a personal picture that you ca




Mistress Islya and Sissification

Good evening my loyal followers.

Today I’m going to share with you a recent experience with a slave who’s interest is sissification. I’m not going to go patronise you with explaining what it means as if your reading this then you are fully aware of what it entails. Instead I’m just going to tell you how the session went…

Slave entered my dungeon… He was left alone to undress and there was a frilly dress hanging off the side that I instructed he should be wearing when I returned… on her knees of course. As when I returned he would now be a she…

I came back in the room  I was dressed in thigh high boots leather pants and a latex bra… She was on her knees kneeling in front of my throne… I sat on the throne and asked her how she thinks a sissy bitch should greet her mistress… She immediately kissed my pvc boots.  Good girl I whispered to her…Now she was nervous, I could tell and who could blame her. Knelt mercilessly in front of a beautiful, powerful mistress knowing that that mistress knows her deepest darkest secrets….I whisper to her “you know that fate has brought you to me don’t you my little sissy slut” yes mistress she replies… “and you fully understand what being my sissy slut means don’t you” Yes mistress she replies.


I took her face in my hands and said “oh sissy where is your lipstick… a good slut always wears lipstick.. and what colour should a good slut wear sissy” I ask her…. Red she replies… that’s right I tell her and I put red lipstick on her trembling lips!

I instruct her to stand, I take her over to the mirror and make her look at herself. She’s happy with her transformation I can tell by her smile of adoration on her face. When she sees herself. I tell her that I’m happy with her… I whisper to her that I’m so happy with her that I’m going to turn her into a dirty slut for me to use and abuse…



…. I tell her that one of her duties will be sucking cock for mistress, sucking cock til she gags… sucking lots of cocks… I tell her that I’m going to put her in the slut box and make her suck the cocks of other slaves…Her little clitty stiffens… That pathetic little clitty is truly pathetic… “No wonder she wants to be a girl”… I say… I tell her that she could never satisfy a real woman with that clitty… I tell her that she is best forgetting all about ever satisfying a woman and its best that she accepts her fate… Her fate is being my slut and I’m going to treat her like one…

Iv seen her several times now and her progress is fantastic… When she comes into my dungeon she is now called Trixy… A thoroughly good name for a slut I think haha. Trixy is a regular and excels at sissification to the degree where she has now sucked a fair few real cocks for me her mistress…

If you have an interest in feminization and would like to feel  my cock in your mouth or up your arse… Get in touch!

You may respectfully contact me on the details below to book a session of this kind or any on the details below.

Ta Ta for now!

Ms I



mistressislya.co.uk     Mistressislya@outlook.com