Mistress Islya Forced Bi

Mistress Islya Forced Bi

Mistress Islya Forced BI

Good evening perverts

Mistress Islya here to share with you a recent experience I shared with a new sub.

The sub in question had never visited a mistress before but had spent years drueling over images and had developed a fantasy of sucking cock…. This sub is not gay by the way…. As i said this is purely a fantasy, being a hetrosexual woman who spent years fanatasizing about women I completely get this fantasy. It was my only regret when I got married that I had never indulged myself in this fantasy. Of course when my marriage ended I was keen to develop this side of my sexuality….. and I did and continue to enjoy in the remits of consesual sex. I dont think it means I am a lesbian as the idea of actually being in a relationship with a woman does not appeal to me one bit. I dont even consider myself as bisexual although arguably I may well be under some peoples definition of the word bisexual. You see I think that bisexual means that you would enter into a relationship with any sex…. I would not. Hence why I do not consider myself bisexual but rather I just help out when they are busy haha

Understanding Forced Bi

Where does it come from… Well I always like to delve into any BDSM fantasy to gain an understanding of why people develop certain kinks. Iv spoken to many subs who have this fantasy and who partake in this particular kink on a regular basis who are hetrosexual males. Alot of them have normal relationships with women but harbour this fantasy. However they dont want to suck a cock on a man…. Infact a sub told me that while sucking cock or rather being forced to suck cock he would prefer not to hear a mans voice as it instantly kills it for him. This explains why the slut box is so popular. You may, if your new to this be wondering what the slut box is…. It is a box in the chambers where a slave would be placed and other slaves would put their cocks through the hole and get a blow job. Its annonymous…. thats the beauty of it. The same sub told me that while sucking cock he likes to imagine in his head that he is sucking the cock of Naomi Campbell haha. So I concur that this is not the act of a gay man, simply just a fantasy of a hetrosexual male that harbours the fantasy of sucking the cock of a beautiful female…. Thats where i come in…. obviously.


The Session

My sub in question enetered my chamber and was rather nervous as it was his first time he had actually seen a mistress… As you know I do not show my face so this was the first time he had set eyes on me. Eyes that very nearly popped out of his head I may add. Its a reaction that im quite use to. I mean in real life a woman like me would never look twice at a man like him or you for that matter. I eased him in and told him to undress…. I left him alone to consider his fate. I left the strapon that I would use later hanging on the wall along with several other dildos of various different sizes for him to ponder over the reason they where there. When I returned he was naked and knealing by my throne. The session commenced. He was asked to confess his darkest desires and secrets which he did. I was only too willing to fulfill them. As for sucking a real cock this requires lots of training and hes not there yet but I will keep you posted.

If you would like to book a session like this or any session you may respectfully contact me on the details below.

For now its good bye perverts.

Ms I


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The Nailing of Noodles

Good evening miscreants!

As you can probably extract from the title this blog is about Nails!!! 15 to be precise all nailed by me into the scrotum.

This was a servitude type of session with an overnight stay at my slaves home. I arrived at 6pm and upon arrival was given a glass of champagne with hors-d’oeurve. This was my first visit to the home of Mr Noodles. We had become acquainted over a year ago when we were both in a law of attraction abundance group together. Clearly there were other sources at work conspiring our inevitable meeting. We spent months chatting via phone and text during the pandemic and got to know each other quite well.

The evening started off kind of casual as we ate together, laughing and chatting with an excellent bottle of my favourite red. Then I went upstairs to get changed into full mistress attire. When I reappeared Noodles commented that he knew I would choose the outfit I chose…. Great minds lol.

I sent Noodles to get into his outfit and he came back in a blonde wig, stockings, black all in one body suit. We started with some easy foot worship as I whispered softly what was going to happen to him…. He was hungry for my cock so I let him suck it… I do love a bit of forced bi… Not that this slut has to be forced LOL!!!!

Noodles is no amateur when it comes to BDSM or nailing for that matter…. I asked him what it was about nailing that does it for him as I was intrigued. His response was…. There is just something so sexy about watching a beautiful woman nail my balls whist sipping whisky!

This was my first time I had ever been asked for this and I was super excited to be finally fulfilling one of my own personal fantasy’s. There were fifteen nails and one screw already sterilised, ready for me to play with plus the hammer! I full on nailed it, got them all in one by one ignoring his yelps of pain and instructing him to drink his whiskey and be quiet while I laughed and just hammered another in. Finally we got to the screw…which I hand screwed in with a screwdriver…. still makes me laugh now thinking about it. I then decorated the bell end with needles creating a crown of thorns!

He sat there for about an hour while we chatted as if old friends just ignoring the balls nailed to the board and the crown of thorns…. Then it was time to remove them… as my glass needed refilling and he had rested long enough! I took the screw out first, painful that was but made me laugh so that’s all that really matters…. then got the claw hammer to pull the nails out…Ouch!!! still laughing though. There was a lot of blood! I asked him if that was normal which he replied I don’t normally have that many in…. Oh dear… well he you put them there… silly slave! (laughing loudly)

I was tired after that so retired for the evening! when I woke up Noodles had prepared breakfast. I then gave him a caning just before I left…. something to remember me by LOL

Very entertaining I have asked Noodles to construct me a board I can take with me!

I will be seeing Noodles again very soon… sounds next time!

Would you like to be nailed to a board by a beautiful, cruel, mistress for my entertainment! Of course you would or why else read this blog!

If you would like to book a session with me you may respectfully contact me via the details below.

Yours SINcerely

Mistress Islya X



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Good Evening Miscreants

I thought I would share with you perverts a session I recently held. I have to tell you it was my slutty maid that came to me and asked me if I could arrange this session… Which of course I was only to happy to oblige.

What I didn’t share with slut was that I had milked that cock before my slut came in….

My maid entered dressed up slutty as usual, she’s a slut after all in her little black and white maids dress with her suspenders, heels, blonde wig and red lipstick…. Such a whore this one, such an obliging filthy slut. She would suck cock all day long for me this one.

I covered my slaves cock and balls in Cadbury’s chocolate spread. My maid set to work simple instruction…. of “clean that cock with your mouth. I want it gleaming… there better not be any chocolate left on it when you have finished you slut”

She licked those balls with enthusiasm of SW who’s been promised a 10k tip for a decent blowjob…. Then she licked the shaft and the bell end… it was looking very clean and almost shiny! She was under strict instructions… “that cock must be thoroughly clean before it cums in your mouth you dirty little slut”

All the while I was reminding her that the purpose of a maids mouth is to polish cocks for her mistress… that is what she was born to do and she will do it to my standards! No Teeth… absolutely no teeth and she would not complain when I forced her head down over it making her gag….. It took her 20 minutes to extract the spunk from that cock…she wanted to swallow it all. But unfortunately all the chocolate was not removed… You see, she’s too eager, she wanted that cum in her mouth…. Just a slutty maid with a tiny clit… it was all to much for her…. sadly she had to be punished for failing at such a simple task.

She was flogged for her misgivings and made to say after each stroke… “I must learn to clean cocks better, Thank you Mistress.” Then sent away with 20 strokes of the cane…. obviously she would not sit down for a week… when she did she would be reminded of her time with me and endeavour to perform better next time.

Can you do better than my loyal slutty little maid?

I have the chocolate cock-eclaire waiting….

For the chance to session with me text or preferably whatsapp me on 07491558622 to arrange a call.


Mistress Islya




Text Domination

This is just a quick blog explaining my policies on Texting and Text Domination.

I’m becoming quite fond of this technique for recruiting slaves due to basically the success stories I have gained from opening up this method of contact. Most people who know me know that I have a family. A lot of the time it can be difficult to take a call as the type of convo we are likely to have is completely unsuitable to have in front of a seven year old with big ears.

I understand that most dommes prefer to speak and wont consider a slave that sends a text message. But for me it works… That’s why I decided to offer text domination.

I really like this contact before a session as it gives us a chance to get to know each other and massive insight into a slaves kinks before they actually enter my lair. By the time they come in I feel like I know them quite well and it adds to the experience…

As you know Dommes get a lot of time wasting idiots who want to talk but don’t want to tribute for it…Firstly by charging a small tribute for this method I feel like these time wasters are completely  eliminated…

Secondly if you book your session within the first 7 days of our texts starting and then turn up for our appointment, I will reduce the balance of that session by the text tribute amount. I think that this is more than fair. If you invest in me then I invest in you. I do not  want to waste my time talking to someone who cancels at the last minute or just doesn’t turn up… grrrrr!

This method is currently working really well… especially with new slaves who are nervous about finally accepting their calling…. Its the perfect way to get to know each other before hand. I also think this adds to the anticipation of the actual session… I m ay even send you a personal picture that you ca

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Mistress Islya and Mistress Roxy’s Deviant Adventures


Introducing Mistress Roxy

Mistress Roxy is a 5’1″ curvy sex bomb! with her long dark hair and her dark red lips she is a sexy seductress that will have you trembling on your  knees in her presence.

You will find yourself wanting to please her… whatever that takes… you will be putty in her hand. However Mistress Roxy is not easy to please…. but that wont stop you wanting to…. needing to…. make her happy! 

So slaves you need to up your game, if you want to receive even the tiniest piece of pleasure from this deviously devilish, cruel mistress.

The Session

The first of many sessions we have had since, went like this. It was forced bi session. My own filthy slut Tammy had requested to be fucked during an hour of pure debauchery!

Mistress Roxy was very obliging and brought her slave Alison to fulfil this fantasy. Alison is a sissy whore who just loves to suck cock after cock after cock…. This slut just cant get enough. Which of course makes her the perfect candidate for a forced bi session. Slave Alison very kindly brought Prosecco for me and Mistress Roxy to enjoy while we watched our subs suck each other off while we laughed… loudly and enjoyed the scene in front of us.

Once they were suitably hard Alison was put over the bench and her panties pulled down to reveal a perfectly peachy fuckable bottom. Of course we couldn’t have a mouth going empty… that would be a waste wouldn’t it… So we stuffed it with Tammy’s cock and made Alison keep it hard while Mistress Roxy banged the arsehole of Alison with the strapon. I Mistress Islya inspected the cock sucking and made sure that Tammy’s cock was sucked to mistress standards… balls deep! “Suck that cock you dirty, filthy whore…. make your mistress proud” I whispered into Tammy’s ear ever so softly but just enough encouragement to make her take that cock deeper into her mouth…. Being spit roasted by mistresses cock and a real one is a sissy’s dream come true. Not to mention highly entertaining for us…

“Take that you dirty cum bucket, slut whore… nice and deep! show me your sucking skills” “A good slut always deep throats… don’t they…. and they never spit! Spitting out cum is a waste… swallow it!!! ALL OF IT! Like the good obedient slut you are!! 

Pure humiliation just the way we like it….

To take part in one of our double domme pure humiliation sessions, you may respectfully contact me using the details below.


That’s all for now perverts! Make sure you look out for the next instalment of Mistress Islya’s and Mistress Roxy’s deviant adventures…..

Bye for now

Ms I 




or text to arrange a call and book a session 07491558622


A Night of Domestic Cuckhold

Good evening Subs/slaves/sissies and general loyal followers. Its been a while since my last blog – so much has happened that whilst I have my laptop out I’m going to write up as much as possible. Starting with the above title.

As the title suggests this one is a cuckhold tale. It started when I was contacted by a mistress Iv never met before. She approached me to do a double lesbian cuck session for one of her trusted subs. If you know me or have read my previous blogs – then you will know I appreciate the female form greatly. Anyway this mistress is a super sexy experienced dominatrix so I was quite excited to say the least. Im going to refer to her as MItress X or the sake of this blog.

We met in The Midland Hotel in Manchester in the bar on a moderately busy Thursday night in May. We both wore skin tight black dresses with the signature red sole stilettos as is customary on this kind of meeting with lace top stockings and suspenders. Mistress X ordered compulsory champagne using her subs credit card taken from him earlier in the week.

I spotted our target as he came through the door as he was wearing a black studded leather collar. Mistress X later told me that he had one silver stud for each cock he had successfully brought to orgasm  but tonight he was going for gold. I pondered that but let it go as an off the cuff comment… There were quite a few silver studs.

The loyal sub fell to his knees and as is custom greeted us both by smothering our feet with kisses. While he was on his knees mistress X told me that this one is  a long serving faithful loyal extremely submissive man who she likes very much in a tone so he could . hear. She said that he doesn’t session with anyone but her without permission….

Then she told him to stand and that’s when I looked him straight in the eyes and instantly recognised him…. I have seen him before on more than one occasion and he hadn’t mentioned being collared before… Oh dear dear dear….Loyal, faithful not words I would  choose to describe this pathetic creature now standing in front of us both… More like a cheating disrespectful low life… I could smell the fear radiating off him and see  perspiration on his forehead. I was getting excited…. there is something very arousing  about the smell of fear…. Fear to me is like blood to a shark… and now he was a little fish swimming in really deep water with 2 really big sharks. Panic was over taking him…would I tell her that I have met him before… His eyes darted round the bar and I knew he was looking for an escape… mistress X leaned into his ear “don’t even think about it my little bitch” she had hold of his lead and pulled it tight yanking  his neck.

Walk she commanded… we walked him to the room that mistress x had already prepared… inside was a chair with hand cuffs and leather straps.  she ordered him to strip to his underwear… which was black silk panties matching bra and holdups much like the ones we were wearing. Then we bound him to the chair leather straps  around his ankles and hand cuffs on his wrists. She took out a blonde wig and placed it on his sweaty head. Then she took out makeup and proceeded with his transformation. Quite a slut he was turning out to be… but where was this going….?

I was intrigued Mistress X was no fool, she clearly had uncovered his disloyal behaviour and now he was going to pay for it in front of the very mistress he had sneaked off to visit…. me! How ingenious… She whispered to him gently…. “So slave its your birthday isn’t it”? “Yes mistress he said quietly”… “and what did mistress promise you for your birthday for being such a loyal faithful slave for over 10 years”…. “a special birthday treat mistress”… “yes I did didn’t I….” “What was that treat going to be huh” huh”? “a cuckhold session with you and another mistress – mistress!” Was it…. hmmmm I don’t recall that at all… You see watching your mistress get pleasured is reserved for my MOST LOYAL RESPECTFUL SLAVES!!! Do you think you come into that category? do you slut?… (she slapped  him hard across his face) This was getting good! I was excited to see how this was going to pan out… she was angry with him…. really angry then she started to laugh… she laughed so hard she had tears rolling down her face… Then she gave him a swift  kick in his balls… ” you wont be needing that tonight” then she placed the blindfold over his eyes…

“Me YOUR Mistress… and I use the term very LOOSLEY… and my new friend- Mistress Islya are heading off to the bar for more champagne on you…. of course”. While you contemplate… your fate… But I tell you now little slut it wont be you enjoying the position of cuckhold tonight… oh no tonight your going to earn your gold stud!”hahaha she laughed…

We headed off to the bar drank copious amounts of champagne and waited for our guests… Bruno and Jarvis to arrive. we went back to the room where our little slut was still bound  to the chair. and  got our popcorn out while he earned his gold stud.

I do love a good spit roast! highly entertaining!

If you would like to book a session with me then you may respectfully contact me on the details below.

Yours Spankfully

Mistress Islya


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